Our wedding business consulting program was originally designed to fulfill the needs of businesses that didn’t want, didn’t need or couldn’t afford full-time PR. Today, our consulting program is one of our most popular options, having been used by over a hundred wedding businesses around the world. Hundreds of businesses have completed our consulting program and left with concrete business practices to implement in order to achieve their goals. Our program is designed to be a holistic approach to each and every business and covers a wide range of topics aimed at taking businesses to the next level.


Each meeting is tailored to meet the needs of each individual client and is conducted one-on-one either through in person consultations, Skype sessions or conference calls. Clients range from businesses who are just launching to businesses who are successful but looking to gain notoriety, to established businesses who want to maintain their relevancy. Know where you want to take your business but just not sure how to get there? #BIPRconsulting may be just what you need!

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