Full Time PR

Full Time PR


While Be Inspired PR’s niche is weddings, most of our clients cross over into other realms – fashion, fitness, design, entertaining, food/drink, so it was a natural progression to offer  both wedding and lifestyle PR services

Our approach is still the same – quality pitches, organic messaging and placement in the top media outlet – print, online and TV. We’ve executed events and campaigns for lifestyle brands such as Target, Oakley, HomeGoods, ONEHOPE Wine and others.


At Be Inspired®, we take a modern PR approach with our clients. You won’t find email blasts, corporate press releases or blind pitches here. Instead, we choose to have a personal and customized approach for each client, each project, each photo shoot, each event and each pitch. We believe our unique approach is what has helped us become the leading firm offering wedding and lifestyle PR services. From TV to print to blogs, our clients are consistently featured on the top lifestyle, wedding and news outlets around the world.

Full-Time wedding PR representation includes both proactive and reactive media opportunities. We pitch on our clients behalf and we fulfill requests on behalf of media outlets. Our strong relationships with bloggers and editors, prompt replies and our reputation for working with quality clients have made our firm  the first to be called when a media opportunity arises.

In working with our full-time public relations clients, we approach each account holistically – looking at every aspect of the business to determine what can be improved and what strategies can be implemented.

We work on a variety of projects for our clients, some of which include: print, online and TV press pitches, photo shoot collaborations, branding, event management, social media training and management, partnership negotiation and  advising on advertisement opportunities, among others.

Our clients range from established brands looking to stay on top, to up and coming brands looking to take their businesses to the next level. Our media plan and PR approach is completely customized for each client, allowing us to successfully meet goals and track growth.

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